1 march 2024
24Mastering Studio – Lacquer Mastering and Direct Metal Mastering By Vladimir Uspenskii

24Mastering offers Lacquer Mastering and Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) and they are happy to help you determine what content is best on which medium.

Equipment: 2x Neumann VMS70, SX74, SALB/SALC amps, Sontec, Fairman, Knif, Weiss, Maselec, etc...

Options: DSD to DMM, 1/2"and 1/4" Tape to DMM, Inside-out playback, locked grooves/loops and laser etching.


22 june 2023
Welcome all the Music Record Labels to join in 🔥 By Vinyl Pressing Plants


Now we have a new page on our site – an international list of record labels. Major Record Label and Indie Record Label owners – we are waiting for you. You are welcome to add your company info to our list!


31 may 2023
Meet the first ever record factory in Lithuania – Green Lakes Pressing By Armin Siebert

Lithuania opens first ever vinyl pressing plant! 

A brand new factory in the EU country Lithuania promises fresh capacity for the ongoing vinyl boom. Green Lakes Pressing was opened near the Baltic capital Vilnius at the beginning of May. Green Lakes promises the best quality at unbeatable prices, combined with fast logistics. Seven weeks from order to delivery are quite realistic, according to Antanas Kamenskas, CEO of Green Lakes Pressing.

7 january 2021
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant By Chris Roorda

«Our Deepgrooves pressing plant is situated in an old prison which looks like a castle with a huge square in front of us. We do have a very transparent place so people can always visit us and are welcome to see a part of the process» - Chris Roorda, CEO of Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.

10 january 2020
Vinyl Record Industry News Digest | 2020 By Vinyl Pressing Plants

– Why Vinyl, Books and Magazines Will Never Go Away

– Streamed music and digital images have driven the comeback of vinyl and printed photos

– The Best Gear for Vinyl Lovers

– Step back in time: LPs to outstrip CDs for first time in 33 (and 1/3) years

– Record Store Day is now trying to popularize a niche vinyl format with new releases for the ‘RSD3 Mini Turntable’

27 july 2019
For the bastards of Vinyl Pressing Plants By Vladimir Uspenskii

Our mission on vinyl-pressing-plants.com is to make internet more honest.

We ask all newcomers to send us a photo of their pressing machine with a sign "For the bastards of vinyl-pressing-plants.com". So you could know is this record manufacturer a real pressing plant or only a reseller. We are very glad that mostly it's welcomed with humor!

(find images inside)

31 march 2019
Vinyl Record Industry News Digest | 2019 By Vinyl Pressing Plants

Vinyl makes more revenue for the British music industry than youtube

Swedish artists fizzy tablets join vinyl renaissance

Largest vinyl record sale in the U.S. happening in Austin again this May

An Irishman’s Diary on smuggling vinyl

Silent Meditation on vinyl 


2 july 2018
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - WMFono By Rad Klemczak

«People often say that "vinyl is back", I always explain that it never went away. There was a brief period around 2007-2009 where it certainly seemed to have disappeared, but companies such as GZ Media, MPO and Music Industries continued on and helped the format to continue on. We ought to be very thankful to these people for not giving up!» - Rad Klemczak, CEO of WMFono.

20 june 2018
Making Vinyl Detroit 2018 By Sabine Schmidt

It’s on: 'Making Vinyl' the largest B2B Conference will be held again in Detroit, Oct. 1-2, 2018!

Celebrating the rebirth of the global vinyl manufacturing business.

12 june 2018
Top 10 rules for success in the vinyl record manufacturing industry By Vladimir Uspenskii

How to open a vinyl pressing plant or a cutting service? What you should (or should not) do?

Here are the top 10 rules to becoming a successful record manufacturer.


14 may 2018
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Phonopress By Phil Rizzi

We normally spend at work from 12 to 14 hours a day, families are used to that and sometimes they visit us in the factory, children play and help us.

22 march 2018
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Vinilificio By Cristian Adamo

In 13 years I can say that vinyl record customers are almost all crazy. The normal ones are really a small part.

8 march 2018
Pictures from The Vinyl Factory By Julian Higgs

Late in 2016 I found myself invited to The Vinyl Factory in a professional role, not to photograph but to assist and advise on an engineering issue, however once inside it quickly became apparent that I had to document and photograph the process.