14 may 2018
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Phonopress By Phil Rizzi

We normally spend at work from 12 to 14 hours a day, families are used to that and sometimes they visit us in the factory, children play and help us.

22 march 2018
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Vinilificio By Cristian Adamo

In 13 years I can say that vinyl record customers are almost all crazy. The normal ones are really a small part.

14 march 2018
From Russia with love By Anastasia Kuzmina

The story started in the beginning of 2010s. Our first samples were awful: the quality was bad and awry. There were no instructions, so a lot of time was spent on education and to get everything looks okay.

8 march 2018
Pictures from The Vinyl Factory By Julian Higgs

Late in 2016 I found myself invited to The Vinyl Factory in a professional role, not to photograph but to assist and advise on an engineering issue, however once inside it quickly became apparent that I had to document and photograph the process.