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Our Story

We started in 2015. In the beginning it was just a vinyl pressing plants catalog. A lot has changed since that time, but we still have this name. 

Very soon we started to receive the first feedbacks coming from different sources, but with similar message. Adam Teskey, Manufacturing Director of «The Vinyl Factory Group» summed it up by saying that we’ve got both manufacturers and brokers in our list, and it made sense and was even necessary to find a way of clearly showing who is an actual manufacturer and who is a broker. 
So we started that two categories – Vinyl Pressing Plants and Brokers, and eventually added more – Lathe-cutting, Lacquer Mastering studios, Galvanics producers, Equipment and Technology services

Later we launched a Blog page to post news articles about vinyl record industry, stories from vinyl record manufacturers etc. We are doing series of interviews with CEOs of vinyl pressing plants worldwide called «07 questions about vinyl manufacturing». Different manufacturers, same questions. The interviews are designed for a wide audience, therefore the questions are not so technical.

Also we have a Jobs section on our website. If you own a vinyl record manufacturing company, you can publish a vacancy on that page, for the vinyl records pressing machines engineer, for example.
If you are a specialist in the vinyl record industry and you are searching for the job, you can upload your CV.



Now on our website you can find all the vinyl record pressing plants, and short run vinyl records cutters – companies that do lathe-cutting and dubplate cutting. You can sort all that vinyl record manufacturers by country or choose the ones that do shipment to your country. 

You can filter the list by different parameters, so you will easily find the right place to order the service you need: Test pressing, Direct Metal Mastering, Half Speed Mastering, Sleeves packaging etc. and to produce a custom vinyl record including shaped vinyl, colored vinyl, heavy vinyl, picture disc, flexi disc etc.

If you are not sure about current company, there’s a possibility to find positive or negative feedback on their pages. But most companies from the list offer really good quality custom vinyl records.

If you’ve ever had a deal with one of those plants or brokers, feel free to share your experience. Good pressing plants should get more work, and bad pressing plants should be avoided, right?


For whom this website is

For all vinyl records lovers, for those who like good sound quality, for DJs, for musicians, for the bands which want to release their music on vinyl record, for musical producers, for record labels, for vinyl record shops, for those who want to start a new vinyl record factory in their country and to produce vinyl records.

If you find that some information about one of the companies is out of date, feel free to write us. 

If you own a vinyl record manufacturing company, add it to our list.

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Feel free to add any suggestions on how to improve our service.

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