XL Productions

Lacquer mastering and galvanic stamper service for worldwide delivery.
Direct-To-Disc sessions with a live audience capacity of 50-60 people is available.


Size 7", 10", 12"

RPM 33 RPM, 45 RPM

Heavy vinyl

Lacquer cutting

Half Speed Mastering


Neumann SP79C disc mastering console, VMS70 lathe, SX74 cutterhead, Ortofon GO741 cutting amplifiers, STL732 HF limiter and the super rare QLL 4ch compressor/limiter. Analogue tape playback is via the Telefunken M15A-PRE 1/4" tape machine designed specifically for disc mastering.

Galvanics equipment includes the latest Swelltech and Alpha Plating systems,, giving us the most advanced stamper lab in the world.

Price list

See the "Prices" page on our website for current pricing. Contract rates are available.


XL provides full 100% analog disc mastering for AAA records in addition to mastering from digital files.
Full galvanic stamper service with express shipping worldwide.



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XL Productions

Dubplate Cutting

Master Disc Cutting

Direct To Disc Recording