Viryl Technologies / WarmTone

Viryl Technologies has designed a modernized, fully automated record press that will hit factory floors later this year. Viryl’s presses have the potential to flood the marketplace and reduce pesky manufacturing holdups. Viryl Technologies is backed by CAD$1 million from a local investor


The Warm Tone is a modern machine, designed to manufacture vinyl records. Modern technology and precise engineering has allowed us to target industry “pain points” and create a product that will help pressing plants maximize uptime and keep up with demand.
Monitor data with A.D.A.P.T. (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology).
Auto quick replace label cartridges.
Cutting-edge pre-plasticizer.
Improved hydraulic press.
High performance trimmer/stack.
High quality plating molds.

Price list

Viryl Technologies ships its presses worldwide for $195,000 each.



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Viryl Technologies / WarmTone


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