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Magnetic Fidelity was founded in 2015 as a highly specialized analog disk mastering laboratory, aiming to offer audiophile quality mastering services. Magnetic Fidelity won the Rocky Mountain International Hi Fi Press Award in 2019, category "Best Audiophile Recording", category "Analogue", for the triple vinyl and reel-to-reel tape release of Naxatras "III".
Our in-depth understanding of the underlying technology, our experience and our innovative thinking has enabled us to set up two state-of-the-art disk mastering systems, using components from the most highly advanced offerings of manufacturers such as Neumann, Fairchild, Manley and Thermionic Culture, alongside our own designs of electronic circuits and mechanical parts.
By separating the mastering stage from the manufacturing rush of the factory, our artisan mastering service can focus on high fidelity.


Size 7", 10", 12", 14"


Turnaround time < 1 month

Lacquer cutting


Our signal path is fully analog, based on vacuum tube circuits, while we also use fully refurbished and modified analog tape machines by Telefunken, Studer and MCI, including preview head models, which allow us to perform the mastering operation directly from tape, without digital conversions. We also have the equipment required for mastering from a digital source, either in PCM format (up to High Definition 192kHz/24bit) or DSD (up to 5.6MHz/128X).


... and more!


We thrive to achieve the transfer of the sonic information to the disk medium with the lowest degree of deterioration and compromise, while maintaining the character of the recording according to the wishes and preferences of the producer or artist. We devote as much time as required for the optimum transfer of each project and perform quality checks through test cuts and laboratory measurement and calibration instruments.
Technical challenges keep life interesting for us, so we will happily cut masters with a wide dynamic range and frequency content, ensuring compatibility and good taste. Additionally, we can scribe "secret messages" on your record or create unusual visual separations between selections, among other specials. After the plating stage, we can also offer to receive and evaluate test pressings on our reference reproduction and measurement system to confirm the success of the manufacturing operations and thus ensure your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind.

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J. I. Agnew

Many thanks!

Oct. 17, 2019, 4:48 p.m.

Magnetic Fidelity

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