Cohearent Audio

'We are asked all the time if we can master directly from analog sources and keep it analog all the way through to lacquer disk. YES! THAT is our specialty and we are one of the very few places in the world that still do it that way!'


Size 7", 10", 12"


Cutting System:
Neumann VMS-66 lathe;
Technics SP-02 turntable motor;
DJR Disc Computer;
Neumann SX-74 cutterhead;
TCS All Class-A cutting system including 300 w.p.c. cutting amps.


Cohearent’s founder, Kevin Gray, has been mastering since 1972. He has worked for many of the top facilities in L.A. including: Artisan Sound, LRS, Whitney Recording, Future Disc Systems and AcousTech Mastering. Cohearent got its start in 1977 as a recording company and audiophile record label, then, in the 80s, branched into building studio electronics and loudspeaker systems. In 2010, Kevin opened an independent mastering room to his own specifications.

Our client list is a “who’s who” of the music business: All 3 major labels (Sony, Universal-EMI and WEA), Acoustic Sounds, Audio Fidelity, Impex, Mosaic, Music Matters and Sundazed, just to name a few. Reissues for the Audiophile community are a specialty, but new projects are also mastered constantly. All work is guaranteed, defective masters will be replaced at no charge.

If you are releasing vinyl, you owe it to yourself to have your project mastered by people who love and truly believe in the phonograph record.



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Cohearent Audio

Master Disc Cutting

Established in1977

CountryUnited States of America

Contact personKevin Gray