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7", 10", 12"


33 rpm, 45 rpm

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Black, Coloured


Don’t call it a comeback...vinyl never left! We love vinyl and the experience it provides - it’s the ultimate way to enjoy music. Producing quality vinyl records is an art unto itself. It’s truly a craftsman trade, much like making music. Record Monkey started out as a online music portal - we found lot’s of cool bands and collected breaking music news from around the world. We have a free weekly ‘Discover New Music’ email blast every Friday where we give subscribers two cool bands to check out. Because of our love of vinyl, we wanted to give bands / artists / labels an easy to use online platform for making your own vinyl records. We have partnered with the best vinyl manufacturer who has been in business since the 1930’s. We hand hold the manufacturing process and make sure every detail of your job is handled just the way you want it. Record Monkey wants to earn your business - give us a try! Record Monkey makes it easy to make your own high quality Vinyl Records. We use only the highest quality materials and the best possible mastering process to create consistent high-fidelity records. Simply send us your CD and choose your package. For orders over 2000 please contact us for pricing.

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