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QRP operates three different kinds of record presses that include Toolex Alpha (made in Sweden), SMT (Southern Machine & Tool Corp. of Nashville, Tennessee) and Finebilt (of Los Angeles). The Toolex Alpha and SMT presses are automated, while the Finebilt presses are manual, but all feature important add-ons. Those innovations include adding microprocessors to the presses. Microprocessors allow both the operator and the engineer a level of control capability and feedback simply unavailable with manual valves and control systems. Second by second, the press operator can monitor and maintain production standards and press systems. The engineer can spot and correct variations as they occur. To date, presses have closed and opened based on time. That time was set according to what the press engineer predicted would be the stamper’s temperature. We’ve now developed a die with an imbedded temperature sensor so that the presses at QRP will close and open precisely when the temperature is correct. Inevitably, a plant’s support water temperatures, cooling water temperatures and steam pressures will fluctuate throughout the day. By setting the presses to cycle by temperature, we can correct for all of those variations. It means a consistent sweet spot. We’ve also installed a unique double steam valve system that reduces die temperature cycle time and provides a finely tuned level of temperature control so that records are produced without the temperature variations that result in record inconsistency. And we’ve brought all of the extruders back to their original specifications, again to control the temperature of the vinyl. The most common errors we all hear in defective records today has to do with overheated vinyl. _________________________________________________________________________________________ In 2015 QRP announced that 13 additional presses will soon go online at its Salina, Kansas facility after they discovered them in a Chicago warehouse. The inventory consists of ten Hamilton presses, two SMTs, and one Lened. With the addition of the lucky thirteen, upon their restoration and installation QRP will have a 27 press capacity, making it among the country's largest record pressing plants. (Source: http://www.analogplanet.com/content/garage-sale-find-has-qrp-adding-13-additional-record-presses)

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One colour, Full colour


"Our entire focus is towards the goal of pressing the finest records the world has ever known." Quality Record Pressings was born out of parent company Acoustic Sounds, Inc., which music entrepreneur Chad Kassem started in 1986 as a mail-order business specializing in the sale of audiophile vinyl LPs, SACDs, DVD-Audios, high-quality CDs and high-end stereo equipment. By launching his own vinyl pressing plant, Kassem sought to end increasing delays in getting his records pressed, both reissues as well as those from authentic and legendary living blues artists recording on Kassem’s APO (Analogue Productions Originals) record label. Kassem also sought to raise the quality of LP production by investing in innovative pressing technology.

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Please be advised: Quality Record Pressings is not accepting new orders at this time. As capacity becomes available, they will again be open to new orders. Please stay tuned to the website for any updates.



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