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In March 2015, IRP loaded the vinyl presses they bought from a company in Canada onto trucks and delivered them to a building in Bordertown, NJ. the presses turned on in August, using steam to heat the dyes to mold the 12-inch LPs and high-pressure water to cool the dyes and set the records. 25 employees. IRP has been steadily adding machines since turning on the first of its presses in August. Having just added a sixth press and a second shift over the last month, it is making about 5,000 records a day, with plans to ramp up soon to 8,000, or close to two million a year, and $4 million in annual revenue. Plant manager, Dave Miller, a South Philadelphia native and descendant of a couple of generations of record makers, has a special relationship with IRP's presses. They came out of Hub Servall Record Manufacturing Corp., started by his father, Paul, and an uncle near Cranbury, N.J., in the 1970s. What also made sense about locating IRP where it is, Hansen said, was that a supplier of vinyl pellets is just 20 minutes away, and the manufacturer of the metal stampers to press the records is only about an hour away, in North Jersey (The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2016).


Epitaph Records, which puts out close to 400,000 records a year. Seventy-five percent of them are made at IRP. Secretly Group, an Indiana-based independent-label company. Together (as founders) they have invested "a couple million" dollars in IRP (The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2016).


Independent Record Pressing has been producing high quality vinyl out of the great state of New Jersey since 2015.

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