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Vinyl pressing plant

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42 g, 70 g, 110 g, 140 g, 180 g


7", 10", 12"


33 rpm, 45 rpm


Roughly 65 000 vinyl records per day - spring 2016. GZ Vinyl has been using proven and reliable manual double-presses from the German company Taunus Ton Technik (TTT) for years. In addition to pressing classic black records, manual presses allow us to produce more unique and interesting records with different colours and effects as well as records with full surface picture labels embedded into them (picture discs). In 2012, GZ increased the pressing capacity of black and single coloured records after purchasing several automatic presses manufactured by the Swedish company Alpha Toolex. DMM Studios: 3 Neumann VMS-82 cutting lathes upgraded for VVM Lacquer mastering: Neumann VMS-70 cutting lathe upgraded for VVM

Minimum quantity


Test pressing


Vinyl mastering


Direct Metal Mastering


Heavy vinyl


Shaped vinyl


Colour of vinyl

Black, Coloured, Picture disc

Packing into sleeves


Full colour sleeves



12" DJ PACK: 500 pcs 1063 EUR, 1000 pcs 1733 EUR __// 12" STANDARD PACK: 500 pcs 1330 EUR, 1000 pcs 2675 EUR // 7" STANDARD PACK: 500 pcs 1064 EUR, 1000 pcs 1527 EUR

Inner sleeves



We are big enough to face the real challenges. At the same time we are flexible enough to provide individual attention. Some of the major benefits in choosing GZ Vinyl include the following: Complex solution for our customers! One partner for the entire production process Proven time and cost savings Professional expertise in the printing and packaging industry Focus on production with high added value Fast and flexible service with a non-stop production: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Financial stability High level, top of the line customer service – contacting us is easy! A modern logistics center in the heart of Europe GZ is the largest manufacturer of vinyl records in the world and a leader in media packaging Environmentally friendly production We are ISO 14001:2004 certified Additional FSC® certification

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Hi How much for 500 vinyl 7" singles - audio and artwork supplied. Please include shipping and customs costs.

rob moss


Hi, Just wondering about getting some shaped picture discs pressed. Can you send me some quotes and details please.

Jason Belzer


Hi,what´s the price for 500x of 10 inch vinyl, just pressing?I have a vinyl ready master and artwork for the sleeve in full colour. the same question regarding pressing 200x of 7" vinyl without a sleeve with just a simple innerbag? Best Regards Alf Östlund Sweden

Alf Östlund


Hi folks a friend here in Melbourne gave me your contact Kieran McDonald. We just released a new recording (number 6) and want to do some on vinyl. just wondering what the cost is for 500 of the 180g with full colour design which we have designed for vinyla already, so artwork is done. Anyway just looking around at prices, so send me your cost tom



If I want to press some copies of a 12" LP and have them delivered in mid/late July, (need them before a concert that is early august) how early would I need to deliver the masters & artwork? And what would the prices be for: 200x Picture disks in PVC sleeve? 300x ? 500x ? 200x Black vinyl with CMYK labels in black paper bag, inside white sleeve? 300x ? 500x ? The masters I deliver will be vinyl ready masters from a super nice mastring company in Norway called Strype Audio that I've been using for a bunch of releases earlier. Best regards Fredrik Øverlie

Fredrik Øverlie

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