Standard Vinyl

Standard Vinyl, a Sliced Bread company, is the love child of Canadian musicians Steve Palmer and Chris Saracino. Having played in bands for more than 12 years together, the duo were having a conversation one night over a quart of Labatt 50 in Ottawa’s Dominion Tavern about the lack Canadian-based vinyl record suppliers servicing Canadian artists. After some careful consideration (and another quart each), the two began asking around and discovered that this under-serviced and overlooked segment of the market deserved better: long lead times for manufacturing, over-priced product, loads of hidden shipping costs, a total lack of customer service, and — in some cases — the requirement to go as far away as Europe to get vinyl pressed was frustrating to artists who were simply looking to offer the many benefits of quality-crafted vinyl recordings of their music to their fans.


Size 7", 12"

RPM 33 RPM, 45 RPM

Vinyl Color Black, Coloured, Picture disc

Shaped vinyl



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Standard Vinyl