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Our vinyl records are manufactured exclusively by GZ Digital Media. Established over 60 years ago, and based in the Czech Republic, GZ is one of the most reputable vinyl production and full service printing facilities in the world. Using one-of-a-kind (proprietary) software to control the most advanced Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) found anywhere in the industry. Our engineers and technicians produce some of the highest quality audiophile records you can buy. We make our own (award-winning!) 100% pure virgin vinyl compound, as well as all of our own colored vinyl compounds - truly breaking barriers with what is possible while still maintaining the integrity of the original compound. Working together with GZ, our mutual drive to always be at the forefront of vinyl is the reason why we strive to improve technologies that most other manufacturers do not. This partnership allows us to offer the greatest and most innovative vinyl manufacturing, printing, packaging, and fulfillment network to our customers all over the world.


Size 7", 10", 12"

RPM 33 RPM, 45 RPM

Vinyl Color Black, Coloured, Picture disc

Weight 42 gr, 70 gr, 110 gr, 120 gr, 130 gr, 140 gr, 150 gr, 165 gr, 180 gr, 200 gr

Heavy vinyl

Centre labels One colour, Full colour

Turnaround time < 1 month

Test pressing

Direct Metal Mastering

Sleeves packaging

Lamination sleeves

Full colour sleeves

Inner sleeves



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Pirates Press Europe