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Equipment supplier for the vinyl industy, started with used and new galvanic equipment up to new extruder and press equipment



Our facility is building new vinyl pressing equipment, as well a lot of equipment around the production of vinyl records. We not only building new pressing equipmet we also built new galvanic equipment for the vinyl industry.
The machines, which include a compression molding machine fed by an extruder, are the first new commercial presses to make vinyl records in at least 30 years.
Newbilt can build and deliver a record pressing machine in about three months.
Newbilt machines are based on the old Finebilt presses, which were made until the early 1960s.
The Newbilt partners saw no need to reinvent the wheel, so they designed a reasonably priced, semi-automatic machine that uses a manual operator. The new machines have a Siemens Simatic controller, and have full guarding to meet all safety regulations.
Newbilt assembles the machines from components sourced from outside vendors.
On the Newbilt machines, an extruder turns out a hockey-puck sized piece of vinyl. The operator places the top and bottom label in the mold plates — known as the stampers — then positions the biscuit of material. The operator pushes two safety buttons, and the material shuttles away to an area isolated from the machine operator.
Steam heats the die and the stampers press together to squeeze vinyl into the grooves. Chilled water cools the mold back down. The operator removes the album and puts it in a separate trimming station, which removes excess flash.
These fairly basic machines are much more flexible than fully automated ones. You can easily change the molds to press standard 12-inch records, seven-inch 45s, heavier 180-gram vinyl platters, or colored vinyl. You can even get a marbled look by placing several small vinyl cakes of different colors into the stamper.

Price list

According to Newbilt, setting up a complete vinyl record production line costs about 200,000 euros ($220,000).


Third Man Pressing is installing eight Newbilt presses at the record label’s store in Detroit



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NEWBILT machinery GmbH & Co. KG



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