We are a full service vinyl production facility located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Mastering, printing, plating, pressing, collating and shipping.


Size 7", 12"

Vinyl Color Black, Coloured

Heavy vinyl

Test pressing

Sleeves packaging

Inner sleeves


Makes about 440,000 LPs a year.
Set up involves the stampers for each job being fastened inside the hydraulic press onto top and bottom inserts, which are hollow molds that allow steam and water to flow through. Small vinyl pellets are placed into a hopper that feeds an extruder. As the pellets are forced through the extruder they are heated up and formed into a biscuit. The biscuit has labels compressed onto it and is then placed inside the press. Two thousand psi at 300 degrees is applied then cooled down to 100 degrees. When the press opens a record is then moved to a trimmer, where it is trimmed of excess vinyl, burnished and stacked on a spindle.

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Vinyl Pressing Plant

Established in2002

CountryUnited States of America