Crosley Radio

The longtime maker of radios, which has become well known for its line of faux-vintage turntables, jukeboxes and other electronics, Crosley Records will open an actual record-pressing plant in Louisville in 2017.


Research and development are still under way, and a site for the plant is being sought.

“We’ve been selling record players for years,” Bo LeMastus, Crosley’s CEO, told in March. “So getting in the record-pressing business is a natural extension of what we’ve already been doing. There isn’t a lot of record-pressing equipment out there, so we’re buying some. Now, we’ll be able to take a recording, make a stamp, press out a vinyl record and package it to completion.The group out of Australia has a facility up for sale in the UK, so we bought it.We’ll spend a couple weeks in Australia, learning the inner details. Some of their employees will come here for 90 days during the transition.”

The new Louisville plant will include a professional mastering studio as well, Menard says. Further details for that project are unavailable.


A plant geared toward smaller runs and independent artists.



There are no news yet.