When the “cutter on”-button lights up, the lathe is running and the lacquer smelling, then we are cutting another great sounding vinyl master. Centraldubs is known for taking particular care to all productions and for making your record shine. For best results on vinyl, we offer either a full mastering service before cutting, or direct adjustments during transfer. We will be happy to support you in any aspect of your vinyl production.
Centraldubs was founded by Agnes Fischer, Stefano de Marchi and Frank Heierli in 2001. In the first years, the studio was a pure dubplate cutting suite popular among reggae/dancehall soundsystems, drum’n’bass DJs, and electronic music producers. The “quick and dirty”-approach of dubplate cutting gave us the ability to rapidly judge mixes, spot the imbalance and find a remedy with a few touches. With time, the customers’ desire to cut vinyl masters and to obtain digital backups increased. Centraldubs evolved from a raw dubplate suite into a sophisticated mastering studio with Adrian “Adi” Flück as main engineer. Today, the studio accommodates industry standard equipment for mastering and monitoring, innovative features in the disk cutting system, and well-trained ears.


Size 7", 10", 12", 14"

RPM 33 RPM, 45 RPM


Disc Cutting:

Neumann VMS 70 Cutting Lathe,
Ortofon Amps GO 701,
Vinylium Pitch 98.

Price list

We offer the following mastercuts for vinyl production:

7” Single (A+B): 250.- CHF /
10” Record (A+B): 300.- CHF /
12” LP 33 rpm (A+B): 350.- CHF /
12” Maxi 33/45 rpm (A+B): 350.- CHF


Yello, Moriarty, Züri West, Boris Blank ect.



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Master Disc Cutting

Direct To Disc Recording

Established in2001



Website http://www.centraldubs.com/