28 february

Vinyl Record Industry News Digest | February 2019

By Vinyl Pressing Plants

What’s causing vinyl sales to keep going up…and up

Sales of vinyl albums grew 12% in 2018 to hit about 9.7 million in the US, making it 13.7% of all physical sales. That figure was 10% in 2017 and 8% in 2016. 


Record Radar is a new service that finds vinyl from your Spotify playlists

Vinyl collectors need only log in to their Spotify account via the website, while sellers receive a QR code that when scanned can link to their stock list and update as new records become available. 


Drop the needle, vinyl record pressing returns to Vancouver

Clampdown Record Pressing Inc. set to begin production this spring. The needle is about to drop for local musicians, bands and record labels yearning to do something they haven’t been able to in Vancouver for almost 30 years: press their own vinyl records. 


Historic CD and vinyl shop The Music inn celebrates its 100th anniversary 

The shop, formerly known as Papworth's, used to be based in Alfreton Road, Nottingham. The company was launched by Mr Rose's in 1919, although the exact date it opened that year is unknown. It began by selling instruments and in the 1920s was also selling records. 


Porsche Made Vinyl Records From the Tires of Le Mans-Winning 919 Hybrid, Because Why Not 

Dubbed 'The 24 Minutes of Le Mans,' each of the 200 examples are chock-full of racing history from Stuttgart. 

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