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Archived. WARNING!!! Too many negative feedback from clients. Look through the comments section for more details.


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I still reported the company at the police!We wait now two years for our order. The guy still cheat the people. Don't order here, you will never have your records and you will lost your money!!!

Betyar Records


2 orders and more than 1 year for having a vinyl scheduled in 5 months. Magnetic is a nightmare made for destroying young labels and their dreams.



Now celebrating my 2 year anniversary of waiting for my records!



We paid our 100 copies 2 years ago but they didn't produce them and we didn't have any reply from them from 1 year ago. They robbed us, please tell me know if you think in any special action against Magnetic.

Javier Varez (Alma Soul Music)


Stay away from this. It causes too much anxiety and unnecessary stress. Totally unreliable.

Alex C


We have now been waiting 16 months for our records.Lot of stress..No answers for our emails.

Betyar Records


Have now been waiting 16 months for my records.



I'm waiting my records from june of 2014, 19 months!! This is the second vinyl I made with him, in the first I was waiting around 4 months, but was ok. For this vinyl Ben answer me very fast and when I sand him the money, the comunication was finnished, many no answered mails, sometimes some excuses and no vinyl. At this moment Magnetic Mastering is a fraud.



I had to wait 15 months for my records, first the excuses of deaths in the family (he uses that excuse over the years) accidents, machinery melting because of the heat and then just no answer to my mails. At the end, only when I took legal action, instead of refunding the money he sent the records I didn't need anymore. The quality of the records is also poor, ALL the labels are torn and most of the records look scratched, although the sound is ok. Some people recieved their records with a difference of +16 bpms!! And if you complain on websites he will threaten to visit you and break your legs! AVOID, IT IS A SCAM



Don't order here, you will never have your records and you will lost your money



Putain de menteur ! Il a essayé de me faire gober l'histoire que sa mère venait de mourir et qu'il a eu un accident avec sa femme, alors qu'il a sorti cette excuse plus d'un an auparavant à un ami ! Il a menacé de porter plainte contre moi si je lui faisais une mauvaise pub sur le net. C'est un putain de suceur à la con, il faut le niquer ce fils de pute sans âme. J'ai réussi a me faire rembourser en lui mettant la pression et en devenant ordurier comme lui.

florent hadjinazarian


Where is my vinyl's??????? I wait more than one year for my vinyl's!!! For my emails you give me no answers. The prison is waiting for you Ben!!!

Miklos Vajda


Magnetic are a fraud. We have been waiting 14 months for our records which we paid for in October 2014. There are many other labels in the same position as you'll see from this Facebook group and this blog Please do not list them. they have destroyed many labels.

Jon Parish

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