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At Lucky Lacquers, standard Lacquer pricing is for a Flat Cut. I highly recommend a Reference Disc with any 12" or 7" Master Lacquer order, because it's important to me that your music comes out right! Play it at home and let us know if there are any changes you want! I can also EQ it the way you like, because vinyl will never sound exactly like your CD. Well, it will sound better! Reference Discs are recommended and will help you save in the long run by testing your music on vinyl before spending tons more on the Plates and then needing it re-mastered if the Tests aren't approved. (Read section on Vinyl Pre-Mastering for Tests that will always be approved). It only takes one Reference Disc cut to really know the limitations of your mix on the vinyl medium. Once I get a listen to that, I will know without doubt, what if any additional changes will be necessary to bring out the most in your vinyl release. And also remember that the Plates and Lacquers can often cost more than the actual vinyl, especially on Limited Edition runs, so be careful and get a Reference Disc cut before going directly to test pressings. Test pressings should be for testing the metal plate formation, not the audio. In order to dial in your mix to sound the best on vinyl that it can be, you need Reference Acetate, and I want your release to sound as good as it can.

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